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Advantages of Auto Shipping

People use auto transport services for many reasons including:

  • Business relocation
  • Military assignment
  • Student attending college across the country
  • Online vehicle purchasing
  • “Snowbirds” who maintain seasonal residences in the Southeast & Northwest
  • Attempt to keep low mileage on a classic or antique car

No matter what reason you have for the need of transporting your car using auto shipping offers many advantages.

Among these advantages are:

How to Prepare your Car to be Shipped

Now that you’ve booked your transportation date and you know proper drop off and pick up locations it’s time to prep your car and make sure everything is ready to go for the big day.


1.     Clean your car and make sure all personal items are removed from the vehicle

2.     Make sure your gas tank isn’t more than ¼ full

3.     Make sure your vehicle is operable and has working breaks

4.     De-activate all call alarms

Vehicle Shipping Tips

Vehicle shipping companies look to transport vehicles in the safest and most effective way as possible. Yet, they are many questions that can arise when employing a company to ship their vehicle. Here are a few facts about vehicle shipping that you might not know already:

The License of a Car Hauler

Lugging around ten cars, in a vehicle that is 80 feet long and 14 feet high is fairly hard. Crossing state lines ensures the different weather changes that come along with it. Snow, rain, hail, and blistering heat don’t faze an auto driver. What a lot of people don’t realize is that weather conditions are only the half of it—car haulers have to be prepared for so much more.

Finding the Right Auto Shipper for You

If you’re certain that you’re moving, then you probably have some things to consider before the big day. A couple of these things include how exactly you’re going to move, what type of moving company you’re going to go with, and how exactly you’ll get all of your stuff to your destination. Part of your stuff will definitely be your vehicles, and getting them to your new destination is obviously important.

Great Tips to Help your Move

Let’s face it; nobody likes moving. The act of moving to a new place and starting a new job or a new life isn’t all that bad, but actually physically moving your stuff can be a huge pain. Many people will procrastinate the important things they need to do when moving so that they can postpone it for as long as possible. This isn’t always the smartest decision because if you like it or now, the move is coming.

The Benefits of Working with an Auto Shipper

If you need to move across the country, and you have more than two vehicles, chances are that you will need some help getting both vehicles where you need to go. Also, if you only have one car, but you’re the one driving the U-Haul, you’ll need a hand in getting your car to the other side of the country. That’s where the skills and expertise of a professional vehicle shipper come in.

How to Pack Properly

Here at Coast to Coast Auto Transport, we are in the business of moving. Specifically, we’re in the business of moving vehicles across vast distances, but we also know a thing or two about getting people and their families from point A to point B. This expertise has been gained from our professional nature and finding out as much information about our industry as possible.