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How the Auto Transport Process Works

If you’re in need of a vehicle shipper that can not only get the job done, but also get the job done right and for the right price, then look no further than Coast to Coast Auto Transport. We specialize in moving cars and vehicles across the country for a variety of reasons, and we have the experience to back up our jobs. Hiring an auto shipper eliminates stress and the hassle of having to move a car by yourself.

There are many reasons why you may need to ship a car to a far off destination. Whether this because you were being relocated because of a job, if you are just needing to move to a different place, or if you just purchased a new vehicle, we have the right tools to get the job done for you. With our years of experience, we can make shipping your vehicle a smooth process.

The different steps in the auto shipping process include:

  • Finding the Right Company- This is the first step in any buying process and is no different when hunting for a company to ship your car. An adequate amount of research should be done before making any decision. This means asking the important questions like if the company is insured, what the process is, and how much everything will cost.
  • Getting the Quote- The next step is establishing contact with the vehicle shipper to get a quote. You my have actually taken care of this during your research phase, but having the direct quote with the company that you’re going to go with is important. This can easily be done by picking up the phone or going through the website.
  • Working out the Logistics- The next step is getting in contact with a skilled coordinator who is able to work out the logistics of the transport job. This includes setting up a pickup and drop off point, which will need to be in a parking lot of some kind. Since we haul 80 foot trailers, we cannot do a pickup in a residential neighborhood or subdivision. This will all be worked out with the coordinator to eliminate the hassle on your end.
  • Executing the Job- The last step is actually getting the job done, which involves us a lot more than it does you. That’s the great thing about hiring an auto shipper; you have the ability to sit back and relax while the job is taken care of. We only need you to be at the drop off point to get your vehicle and the job is done!

If you are in need of an auto transport company that has years of experience and can get the job done, contact us today!

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