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The Finer Points of Auto Transport

If you are the type of person that moves a lot, purchases a lot of vehicles from around the country on eBay, or just loves to get their vehicles shipped, then you probably know the ins and outs of auto transport. For the vast majority of the population, however, this is something that needs to done few and far between. Going through the process of finding a reputable company to work with is the first step, and after a decision is made, the actual part about transporting the vehicle happens.

For those that are interested, there are many details, terms, and conditions that need to be addressed before and during the time of service. Some terms and conditions to remember include:

  • We cannot be held responsible to any damage that is not a result of transporter negligence.
  • We need the customer to verify that the vehicle is free of contents.
  • We cannot guarantee a delivery time. This is because there are many things that can change due to logistics and the road.
  • The transporter is not responsible by damage caused by freezing of the engine, cooling system, or batteries.
  • All claims that may arise will be settled at actual cost.
  • The customer needs to agree that their vehicle is insured and that their insurance has primary responsibility.

While most of these conditions will never need to be discussed or implemented, it’s a good idea to make sure both parties understand their responsibilities in the event of a disaster.

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