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Why Auto Transport is Better than a Road Trip

If you are moving or going on a long vacation that is hundreds or more miles away then you are probably stuck on the decision of whether or not to take your vehicle on a road trip or whether you should ship your vehicle and take an airplane.

There are many reasons why shipping your vehicle is better than taking it for a long road trip. Some of these reasons are:

  • It saves your vehicle from wear and tear. Long road trips put a lot of miles on your vehicle. This can cause you to have to get work done on your vehicle both before and after your road trip. It wears on your tires and introduces the need for an oil change sooner than if you were to ship your vehicle.   
  • It saves you from the aggravation of traffic delays or unpleasant road conditions such as highway traffic jams and bad weather.
  • It saves you money that is spent on fuel. Fuel expenses will vary according to what's happening with the price of gasoline when you travel. There are also non-fuel costs of driving, such as tolls, lodging, food, and wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • It saves you time. Road trips can take days whereas flying to your destination only takes a few hours. If you deliver your vehicle you can schedule it to arrive around the same time as your flight. So no time lost.

Road trips can be fun but often times they turn into an expensive hassle. Having your vehicle delivered to your destination can save you time, money, and be less aggravation.

If you would like to learn more about how shipping your vehicle works please contact us today so we can help and provide you with a free quote! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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