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Who We Are

Coast to Coast Auto Transport was started on May 5, 1999 by Ben and Kenda Deere. With extensive experience in auto transportation, Coast to Coast provides service that is unrivaled in the industry.

Kenda started in the industry with the military in the late 1980s in Auburn, WA. She helped orchestrate pickups and deliveries for service members as their assignments changed. In 1991 Kenda began dispatching everything from auction freight to private party moves across the US.

Ben’s experience took a more hands on approach. He purchased his first car hauler in 1989 and drove for a few years before moving into dispatch. By being on the road, Ben has a better understanding of both aspects of the business as a driver and a dispatcher.

Ben and Kenda attribute their success to dedication, quality service and attention to detail. Coast to Coast is run as a family business and handles all auto moves in-house. Our dispatch team is highly-experienced in coordinating the drivers and handling your auto transport needs. The drivers are full-time Coast to Coast employees that are committed to moving your vehicle with care.

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