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Top 6 Reasons to Use Auto Transport Shippers

Whether for fun, business or necessity, Coast to Coast Auto is here to help. With affordable rates, you can find a reliable carrier to provide the service you need. Situations that benefit from Washington auto shippers include:

  1. More Cars than Drivers. If you have more cars than drivers; schedule an auto transport company to move them so you can concentrate on other phases of your move.

Interesting Facts about Transport Trucks

  • Most cars are manufactured with tie-down holes so that transporters use to hook the car to the truck. These specialized hooks are made to secure the car into the transport truck.
  • A strap system can be used to secure the cars on the transport truck as well. These high-strength straps are placed over each tire and tighten the car to the truck.

Interesting Facts About Car Haulers

When driving down the road and seeing a massive transport truck go by, one may think, “who’s driving that thing?!” Well the truth is this: it’s not just anyone. Not just anyone can be a car hauler. If you think you have what it takes to become a car hauler, keep reading!

So how difficult it is? Here are just some of the many facts about car haulers:


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