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How to Transport Your Vehicle Successfully

How to Transport Your Vehicle Successfully

If you’ve never transported you vehicle before, the idea of it can seem pretty scary. However, in reality, it’s an easy task that that can be boiled down to three simple steps:

·       Step One – Call an auto transport company two to three weeks prior to your desired shipping date. In some cases, they allow some leeway and ship your car as quickly as possible. It never hurts to ask! These companies are dedicated to transporting vehicles in the safest and most effective way as possible. They use professional drivers that no how to carefully handle vehicles, while transporting them in one-time and at the destination you chose.

·       Step Two – Make sure all of your personal belongings are out of the vehicle. The drivers will examine the car prior to shipping to make sure they aren’t in there. Upon shipping, personal belongings are not allowed to be stored in your vehicle. This rule is enforced by the Department of Transportation and in doing so it allows for them to inspect and/or remove belongings if they so choose.

·       Step Three – Keep in mind that they can’t haul vehicles that are inoperable. That means that the vehicle must run, brake and steer. It’s also important to note that there needs to be a ¼ of gas in the car. Without these rules implemented, moving the car onto the transportation truck isn’t possible.

Coast to Coast Auto Transport is a company that you can trust. We will handle your automobile with care, while making sure to transport on time and to the location prefer.Our routes run from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast with many points in between.

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