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What it Takes to Become a Driver

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How much responsibility does it take to haul cars around? In some people’s minds, they think that transporting vehicles is an easy task. All one has to do is drive from one place to another. Simple, right? Anyone can do it. Easy as pie.

In reality it is no easy task. This is why places such as Coast to Coast Auto Shippers employ the best of the best. The act of transporting multiple vehicles is a job that isn’t taken lightly. When transporting the vehicles, an excessive amount of pressure and responsibility falls on the shoulders of one person, and one person only—the drivers. This is why it’s important to have a good one.

So what does it take to be the driver of auto transportation? Here are a few requirements of being a driver:

  • Experience- A truck driver-training course is required. This course has to be taken by a Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI). It entails in class, and out of class learning.
  • License- And not just any license. It has to be a Commercial Driver’s License  (CDL). Applicants must pass a written exam along with a driver’s test.
  • Physical- Applicants have to be at least 21 years of age to cross state lines. Drivers are required to pass a physical examination every two years. Good hearing and vision are required. Typically, ones vision has to be at least 20/40. Normal blood pressure and arm and leg movement is essential.

Not anyone can do the job that an auto transporter does. Vehicle shipping is an important job and is treated as such at Coast to Coast Auto Shippers!

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