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We Play it by the Book


When shipping a vehicle you may have some very basic questions about what we can’t and can’t do for you. You will be happy and relieved to know that Coast to Coast Auto Transport, aside from being your number one choice for auto and vehicle shipping, also plays by the book to ensure that you as a consumer, and we as the provider of service, are covered.


We have listed below some of the rules and regulations that we must abide by when shipping your vehicle across the country. Don’t be disappointed as most of these regulations have been put in place for a reason.


-       We can’t haul an inoperable vehicle for you. This is due to the fact that the vehicle needs to have breaks and also needs to be able to move on its own accord.

-       You cannot pack other belongings in your vehicle- The Department of Transportation will not legally allow personal belongings to be transported with the vehicle in question.

-       We prefer the vehicle to have a quarter-tank or less of gas. This is due to weight issues.

-       We ask that any non-factory luggage racks, bike racks, hitches, winches, ladder racks, etc. are removed from the vehicle.


We hope this has made you a little more familiar with our policies and the Department of Transportation’s regulations concerning transporting vehicles across the country.


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