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Vehicle Shipping that you Can Depend On

There have been too many stories about vehicle shippers that have caused grief and provided the customer with stress and anguish. Apparently, this industry can sometimes be referred to as an untrustworthy industry. Unfortunately, with as good a reputation that Coast to Coast Auto Transport has, we are still negatively affected by the image that many unethical vehicle shippers have portrayed.


When using Coast to Coast, your premier auto shipper that is based in Idaho but can also serve Oregon and Washington, you can count on reliable and ethical service. We ship your vehicle wherever you need it to go, meeting you at the pre-discussed location on the other end of your journey. How nice is that? No if, ands, or buts. Just great business with great people.


We feel that part of this stems from the fact that we are a local company comprised of real, compassionate people. We aren’t some shady corporation that will try and give you the “run around” when it comes time to do business. We take care of your car like it was our own and make sure that you are satisfied.


Notice the difference between a locally owned and operated company versus a big corporation or conglomerate. Choose Coast to Coast Auto Transport for your vehicular shipping needs.


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