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Vehicle Shipping Tips

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Vehicle shipping companies look to transport vehicles in the safest and most effective way as possible. Yet, they are many questions that can arise when employing a company to ship their vehicle. Here are a few facts about vehicle shipping that you might not know already:

  • When shipping your car, you should tell two to three weeks prior to your desired shipping date. This allows for time to plan shipping your car as efficiently as possible. In case of emergencies, companies can ship your car immediately if possible. It is always ok to ask!
  • Upon shipping, personal belongings are not allowed to be stored in your vehicle. This rule is enforced by the Department of Transportation and in doing so it allows for them to inspect and/or remove belongings if they so choose.
  • Inoperable vehicles can’t be hauled by most vehicle shipping companies. They require for the vehicle to be able to run, brake, and steer with at least a ¼ of gas in the car. Without these rules implemented, moving the car onto the transportation truck isn’t possible.

Shipping your vehicle can be confusing and difficult to understand. So the biggest tip one can give—which is more important than any tip—is to hire a company with outstanding customer service to get the job done. Hiring a company with an A+ BBB Accredited Business rating since 2001.

Coast to Coast Auto Transport is that company. Contact us learn more! We are here to help.

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