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Tips for Easy Car Shipping

Are you looking for the right car shipping service? There are some things to consider before shopping around for the best deal. To avoid any hassles, look for companies on the internet. You can start with experienced companies that have helped hundreds of clients and have a track record of quality service. You can check the MCSA safety to verify proper company credentials. The shipping service provider should also have insurance certificates with USDOT registration along with permission to ship vehicles across states.

Look for car insurance that is provided with the service and get a quote before you decide on a company. The car shipping service will ask you about the car's size and weight to give shipping and insurance estimates. Also consider what kind of car you are shipping and whether you need to enclose it during transport. Shipping using the open car method can reduce cost by as much as 60 percent. You can also inquire about the companies drivers, and if the company provides tracking information so you know the location of your car.

Once you have chosen a company, prepare your car for shipment by removing unnecessary items such as tool boxes. This will reduce the chance for any unintentional damage to the car. You can also schedule pickup of the car during the day, so you can inspect it and make sure everything is in order. The right company will schedule a pickup time for your convenience, and the driver will sign on off on the delivery when completed. Contact us today for more information!

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