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Things to Ask your Vehicle Shipper

If you’re currently doing research on an auto shipper, or are thinking about employing a vehicle shipper for a big move across the country, then you’ll want to spend quite a bit of time putting in the research. There are a lot of different companies that will be able to perform the same basic function when it comes to shipping vehicles across the country. It is important to remember, however, that not all auto transport companies are created equally.

When you undergo the research needed to make the right decision, there are some important questions to ask your potential auto shipper. These types of questions will help you narrow down a company that is legitimately operated and separate those companies that aren’t using the best business practices. While this is true with any purchase decision you make, when someone is transporting your vehicle thousands of miles, it makes sense to put in that little extra effort.

Questions to ask your potential auto shipper include:

  • How does the process work? The company should certainly be able to give you a straightforward answer on this question. You as a customer are curious and want to know how your vehicle is being shipped and how they auto shipper plans on doing so. Don’t be afraid to ask about the process.
  • Are you insured? Every reputable company is going to have insurance in the event of something unforeseen on the road. A company should have no problem providing proof of insurance for their services. It is a vital part of not only owning a business, but operating an auto transport business.
  • Are their any restrictions? Almost every company will have some restrictions or special instructions for the customer prior to shipping the vehicle. This can include a certain limit on a tank of gas, making sure the car works and is operable, or a special area where a car can be picked up.
  • How much will it cost? This is of course an important part of the decision making process. While you can’t judge a company or make a decision solely on price, for some it may be deal breaker. Make sure you are able to get an accurate quote from the auto transport company and make sure that is the amount when it’s all said and done.

Once you have followed these steps, you are ready to make a decision on which auto shipper to choose from.

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