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Summer's Coming On! And So are Gas Prices

Year after year, early summer has been a busy time in the auto shipping industry. This trend will certainly hold true this summer as well but there is a way you can get ahead of the curve. If you are considering using auto transportation services, there are some compelling reasons you might want to book in advance.

There have been many predictions that this summer will be an interesting one in terms of gas prices. The price of crude oil is forecasted to increase significantly, which will obviously increase the price of gas. For that reason, if you book your vehicle shipment early, you can get locked in at a lower rate than if you book once the gas prices have risen. As crude oil rises, the cost of auto shipping industry wide trends upward with it.

Now that you have a jump on the curve, you know you can save some money by booking early. That's a leg up on the flood of other people that will be looking to book auto transport services this summer. To take advantage, give us a call today to book your vehicle shipment.

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