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Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

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If you have plans to ship your car anytime soon you are probably wondering what you need to do to prepare your car for its journey.

There are a few things that should be done before you ship your vehicle.

To start off you should inspect your car for any pre existing damage that it might have and make documentation of this damage. Here are a few steps to properly check your vehicle for pre existing damage:

1. Clean your car thoroughly from the inside to the outside. You should wash it and vacuum it.

2.Then you should make notation of any damage that already exists and take photos of the entire car inside and out.

3. Make sure these pictures are time stamped and properly documented.

4. Then you should submit your report in a proper manner depending on what the company you are working with requires.

After you have properly documented all of the damage (or lack thereof) on your car then it is time to remove all items from the vehicle.

If you already have cleaned your car inside and out for the documenting then you are already ahead.

Make sure there are no personal belongings in the vehicle the day it is being shipped.

After this you should remove all parking an toll tags from your vehicle. You do not want them being charged on the way to the destination and also they are valuable so you run the risk of theft.

You should make sure all of the items are done before shipping your vehicle to assure that nothing is stolen or damaged on the way there.

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