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So you Bought a Car Off Ebay?

As the clock on the bid time for the car of you dreams is winding down on Ebay, you’re in a grueling bid war with ultimate_car_shopper93. The seconds elapse like minutes as it’s a race to finish line, one person who will be dubbed the winner, the other, the loser. As the clock hits zero, your winning bid is accepted. You did it! You just bought the car you’ve wanted all of your life!

Now there’s just a little problem. You live in Idaho and the car is located all the way in Newark. Well, you’re not the type of person who’ll let your dreams be deflated by a minor obstacle such as this. So you think, “I can just fly out there and drive this sucker back, no problem!” Well that’s not a bad idea. But wait, have you thought about how many miles and unnecessary stress this will put on your new ride? You have to keep this baby mint.

Not to worry. Trust a job like this to professionals at Coast to Coast Auto Transport located in Kuna, ID. Contact us now to figure out how we can help you get the car of your dreams to you safe and sound.

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