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So How Does it All Work Anyway?

Everyone knows that if they want to be treated well and made to feel important to use Coast to Coast Auto Transport. Everyone also knows that Coast to Coast is known for its professionalism and reliability. But what is it that we actually do when the time comes to move your car or vehicle across the country? If you answered: “Treat each car like it was our own and transport it with the upmost care and regard for safety standards” then you’re correct. There is a lot more, however, that goes into moving your car and getting it you safely when you’re not around.

First we like to start with a meeting with one of our highly trained and friendly transport coordinators. They will make decisions based on time tables and the destination of where exactly the car needs to go. The coordinator will then quote you a price and give you some details on the procedure itself.

Then the dispatch coordinator, the driver, and yourself will coordinate a parking lot or shopping center to meet at. This is necessary because we use trucks that are 80 feet long and navigating some residential areas would prove impossible. Then, we carefully load the precious cargo on the truck and transport it to your destination. We coordinate an area for you to pick up the car and it’s like it was delivered to you from thin air.

It’s that easy to get your car to wherever it needs to go. Contact us today to find out more about our services!

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