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Putting Together and Accurate Quote

If you are considering shipping your car you are probably wondering how shipping rates are determined. It depends on many factors and knowing these factors will help you choose the best price.  

Variables in determining a price:

  • Weight of the car- The weight of the car can affect the entire process because the higher the weight of a vehicle, the more gas is needed to move the car. Also, the weight limits and restrictions of transport will be affected.  
  • Distance traveled- The distance we need to travel in order to deliver the car is very important as well. Obviously, it will be more expensive to ship a car across the nation than it is to ship locally.
  • How quickly you need the car shipped- Coast to Coast does a spectacular job in terms of service and reliability. That being said, some customers need to have their cars shipped in a very timely manner. The amount of time that is required will sometimes affect the price of the service.
  • How early you book- We like to think that that the earlier you book through us, the better. This will give us a clear look at the logistics of shipping multiple vehicles and giving you the best price possible.
  • Time of the year- The time of year can affect many different aspects of the overall cost of shipping a vehicle. This is also largely contingent on the region of the United States that we are dealing with.

Prices can range far and wide. The best idea is to do your research and gather quotes for comparison.

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