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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

So you’ve already contacted a transport company and booked your auto shipment.  Now what?  This article will help you prepare your vehicle so that your Washington auto shipping experience goes more smoothly.

  • The first step is to wash your vehicle a day or two before it is picked up.  This serves a few purposes.  Not only will you and the shipper be able to see any existing damage more clearly but it will show that you have pride in your vehicle.  Knowing this will subconsciously urge the transportation driver to be more careful with your automobile. 

  • The next step is to disable the car alarm if your vehicle has one.  The driver will not be able to turn off the alarm if it goes off on the road.

  • Check your gas tank.  Most carrier services either require or request that the vehicle has a quarter tank or less of gasoline

  • Ensure that the brakes, steering and engine are all operable on the vehicle.  You should already know this but your vehicle won’t be shipped without working components.

  • Make note of any quirks or conditions your car may require to start or for any other operations. Leave this not on the driver’s seat so the transporter will be able to operate your vehicle.

These preparation tips will help your Washington auto shipping experience be a positive and successful one.  If you have any other questions or would like to request shipping services, contact us today.

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