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If you are a first time user of car transport services you may feel uneasy and unsure of what you are getting yourself and your car into. But we would like to bust a few myths for you so you can sort through truth from what isn’t true.

Myth 1: Terminal point deliveries are always cheaper than door to door services: Sometimes, yes, it may be cheaper but do your research first. You may think because it takes the driver extra effort to bring the car to your home it will naturally cost more but terminals will personally charge you for sheltering your car for any amount of time.

Depending on what they plan to charge you it may end up equally more than just allowing the driver to deliver to your home. It also takes less effort for you to have the car dropped off at your door.

So do the math before deciding on terminal point delivery.

Myth 2: Quotes are always correct: Never assume the first quote is an accurate quote.

If you notice the price is extremely low or high there is a possibility you didn’t enter the information about your vehicle and its transportation points correctly. Always double check the information before putting a deposit down.

There also might be hidden fees that aren’t obvious at first. Make a call and make sure this is the definite price before making a commitment.

Myth 3: Open transport trucks damage the vehicles they carry so I should ship enclosed: Can damage to your car happen while on an open truck? Yes. Does it happen all the time? No.

Damage during transport is actually fairly rare, with less than 5% of country-wide car shippers reporting damaged vehicles. Shipping your car in an enclosed carrier is typically 25-50% more.

So if you decide it’s worth it than ok but don’t let the fear of your vehicle coming back damaged make you spend the extra money.  If the car is extremely valuable or a collectible then closed carrier is a great option but if it is just your everyday car then you can trust an open truck because damage is not as likely as many believe.

Coast to Coast will provide you with the answers to any questions you may have about auto transport.

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