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More Frequently Asked Auto Shipping Questions

The auto shipping process can be somewhat complicated, as there are many factors that play into everything from cost to delivery time. We receive quite a few questions regarding this process, and wanted to share some information on auto shipping so you are more familiar with the process the next time you need to have your vehicle transported across the country.

  1. How are vehicles shipped? Most often, vehicles are shipped on open carriers. This means that they are still affected by the elements, without putting any wear and tear on your engine.
  2. Can I ship a car that doesn't run? No. Vehicles that do not run cannot be shipped, as all vehicles must run, brake and steer.
  3. What payment options do I have? We accept cashiers checks, cash and Postal Money Orders only. We do not accept personal checks or credit cards under any circumstances. The customer agrees that if the payment cannot be made at delivery, the vehicle will be stored at the customer’s expense. Should the customer be unable to take delivery for any reason, the vehicle will be placed in storage and all storage and/or delivery charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

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