"Family Owned Since 1999"(800) 794-9009

Ben & Kenda Deere



Ben and Kenda like working out of their home and feel that although the industry is evolving, a lot of what they do is the same from when they started 20 years ago. Kenda has been... more

Hunter Deere


Coordinator - Southeast & Florida Trucks

Hunter grew up surrounded by the transport industry and even started working at Coast to Coast at the age of 12 scanning in orders. After finishing High school and while attending... more

Ronna Gentry


Coordinator - Northeast and Central Trucks

Kim Simmons


Accounts Receivable / Payable

Kim joined our team in the summer of 2011 beginning as part time help with invoicing, and moved on to handle accounts payable and receivable. Kim has lived in the Boise area for... more

Leslie Harris


Coordinator - Washington Office

Leslie has grown up in the transportation industry since an early age and has worked with vehicle and container shipping. Leslie is almost to her bachelor’s degree in... more

John Rhodes

Contracted since 2000

Safety Manager

We got the perfect fit with John. With more than 30 years of long haul driving, John knows DOT rules and regulations like the back of his hand and he has been our safety manager... more

Michele Hinderer

Contracted since 2001


Michele has been with Coast to Coast working as our accountant for the last 12+ years. When she isn’t crunching numbers and saving money, you can find her and her husband Martin... more