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The Lingo of the Business

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Breaker break, one niner. You’ve heard it all before in the movies. The trucker lingo is definitely something that gets a lot of attention and people seem to be generally interested in it. Everything is more exciting when transmitted through a CB radio and that crackling noise made by the radio once a transmission ends sounds great.

But really, this could be another language to someone that isn’t well versed in Trucker lingo. Some of the words and phrases used have no meaning whatsoever to some people, but for truckers, these words are part of the business.

We’ve listed some common words or phrase and their definitions that are used by truckers below. That way, the next time you’re in the company of a trucker, you will be able to impress him with your knowledge.

  • Bill of Lading- A very important term, this refers to the legal document that acts as a contact or receipt for the security of your vehicle.
  • Car Carriers- A car shipper or an individual car carrier that provides auto shipping services.
  • Co-loading- This refers to the process of loading more than one vehicle on a single car carrier.
  • Diversion- A term used in the auto transport industry for changing the route of a shipment from its original route. This is usually caused by bad weather or hazardous road conditions.
  • Terminal to Terminal- This term refers to a service that gives you the option to drop your vehicle off at the terminal where it will be stored until the direr can come load it for deliver.

Now that you know a little more about our industry and the way we talk, you may be able to have a esoteric conversation with the next trucker you see.

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