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The License of a Car Hauler

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Lugging around ten cars, in a vehicle that is 80 feet long and 14 feet high is fairly hard. Crossing state lines ensures the different weather changes that come along with it. Snow, rain, hail, and blistering heat don’t faze an auto driver. What a lot of people don’t realize is that weather conditions are only the half of it—car haulers have to be prepared for so much more.

Being the experienced, and well-trained individuals that they are make them prepared for anything. However, there is a long list of requirements a driver has to have fulfilled, and a Commercial Driver’s License is one of them.

So what does it take to get this license?

  • Clean Driving Record- No excessive speeding or DUI infractions are allowed and a revoked license will result in a rejected application. Displaying that you are a responsible driver is very important in obtaining a license.
  • Written Test- Test’s vary from state to state. Essentially, you will be tested on traffic laws and the rules of safe driving. Understanding the rules and regulations of being a commercial driver is a fundamental part in passing the test.
  • Driving Test- This is a hands-on test. It examines you driving skills by looking at your ability in hauling large vehicles. A DMV representative will supervise and grade your ability accordingly.

Businesses like Coast to Coast Auto Transport make it their priority to hire professional vehicle drivers that have obtained their Commercial Driver’s License, but provide outstanding customer service as well.

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