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How to Choose the Right Auto Transport Company for You

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Your car is like a baby to you. You don’t want just anyone handling it. That’s why you won’t just pick the first company you find to transport it. Here is a list of things you can do to find an auto transport company that you can trust and one that isn’t outrageously priced.

1.     First off you should make the initial search for auto transport companies. Go to your favorite search engine and type in auto transport- the city or state you live in. Choose about ten of these companies and open up all of their sites in different tabs.

2.     Most sites won’t list prices so gather the phone numbers and start making calls. Call each company and make a note of how much they will charge to get your car from point A to point B. Keep this list handy. The purpose of this is to eliminate any company that is not in your price range. Close out the tabs of the ones you can’t afford.

3.     While on the phone also make sure these transport companies are able to transport your car on the dates you have selected. Close out the tabs for any of them that aren’t available those days.

4.     Now search the remaining companies on your list on customer review sites such as Yelp and BBB. Make sure there are no disputes that leave you feeling uneasy about the transportation of your car. After making this search to see who is liked by customers close out any tabs of ones that aren’t trustworthy.

5.     Now that you have eliminated more transport companies take the remaining ones and search their sites thoroughly and make sure there are no hidden fees or anything that makes you feel concerned.

6.     Now that you have done this you will probably only have two or three tabs left open. Pick the one you feel the most comfortable with, the most convenient or the lowest price. The end selection is yours to make.

7.     Now make the booking!

It’s not easy entrusting your car with just anyone. That is why you must make an educated decision on who should transport your car.

If you are looking for an auto transport service Coast to Coast would love to be one of your options.

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