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How an Auto Transport Truck Works

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When driving on the freeway or highway, one is bound to run into a large auto transport truck. These massive trucks are intimidating to drive around. The sight of seeing multiple cars being transported is an amazing sight to see! But how is this made possible?

Here are a few interesting facts about transport trucks:

  • These large vehicles are made to carry up to 12 vehicles on tractor-trailer rigs that consist of hydraulically operated ramps.
  • Vehicle placement on the truck is depended upon weight and scheduling factors. The heavier vehicles are placed on top, and the vehicles that are to be delivered last are placed in the truck first. Loading a truck of similar sized cars can take around 90 minutes, while loading different sized cars can take up to four hours.
  • Most cars are manufactured with tie-down holes so that transporters use to hook the car to the truck. These specialized hooks are made to secure the car into the transport truck.
  • A strap system can be used to secure the cars on the transport truck as well. These high-strength straps are placed over each tire and tighten the car to the truck.

Transport trucks are made to carry multiple vehicles in the safest and most effective way as possible. They are extremely secure, and have been known to flip without losing a single vehicle. Driving with them on the road can seem daunting, but we at Coast to Coast Auto Shipper’s utilize only the best drivers and trucks to make vehicle shipping as safe as possible.

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