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Don't Fall Victim to Auto Transport Scams

Scams have been increasing lately in the auto transportation industry and we are here to help you learn how to spot and avoid them. Especially when purchasing a car, beware that you may be walking into a fraudulent transaction. Scams usually involve one or more of the characteristics described below so be on the lookout when searching for an auto transport service.

If the vehicle you are purchasing is significantly underpriced: It's probably a scam.

When it just seems too good you be true, you're probably right. If you see a vehicle that is being sold for just under $5,000 that is valued at significantly more, then avoid this for sure because the FBI doesn't investigate or prosecute frauds or scams less than $5,000.

If the seller states that the vehicle is being stored at an auto transport facility: It's probably a scam.

Auto transport companies generally don't store or house unsold vehicles at their locations. One way to ensure that you aren't being scammed is to either inspect the vehicle yourself or have a trusted friend inspect it for you.

If the seller asks you to send payment through any untraceable methods, to a "company agent" or to the vehicle shipment company: It's probably a scam.

If a single person is selling the vehicle, especially through a third party such as Ebay, that service will not have an individual that collects payments for the seller and neither do vehicle shippers. Make sure to use a payment method that leaves a paper (and electronic) trail so that if there is any fraud, you have proof later.

Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

  • Try a few Google searches for the company, look for reviews and past client experiences
  • Check if they are on trasnportreviews.com or the appropriate Better Business Bureau
  • Type the company's website URL in at whois.net. This will give you information about who registered that domain name and when they did. Check for consistency.

If you have any other questions about auto shipping scams or want to speak with an auto shipment professional, give us a call today!

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