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Difficult Things to Move

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At Coast to Coast Auto Transport we like to talk about moving and tips you can use when moving because we know a thing or two about it. Shipping someone’s vehicles typically follows some sort of move or relocation, so although we don’t actually move our customers, we certainly help in the process by securing your auto when you’re worrying about the move.

Since we’re involved in the process, we have gained knowledge on some of the most difficult items to move when you’re relocating. Some items that are no fun to move include:

  • Aquarium and Fish- Aquariums are a pain to move because there is so much involved in the process. First the water needs to be emptied and the fish need to be taken care of during this process. Then the aquarium needs to actually be moved and refilled.
  • Pianos- You know one of the worst items to move are pianos. They’re heavy, awkward, and are very fragile. Moving them are a huge pain and can result in back pain if not executed properly. Make sure you take the necessary precautions when moving a piano.
  • Art- Art is a very difficult thing to move because it doesn’t necessarily mean paintings. Art can come in various forms and they are almost always fragile. The last think you want to do is break a valuable piece of art, so moves involving art tend to be tedious.
  • Vehicles- Here we have the point that we’re trying to make and that is that cars and other vehicles can be incredibly difficult to move if you don’t have the right resources. Rely on seasoned professionals like us to take care of moving your vehicles to their destinations so you don’t have to worry about it.

Getting things moved to a new location can be very tough, especially if you have awkward and heavy things to move. Rely on our tips and our expertise whenever possible and save yourself the trouble.

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