'' Coast to Coast Auto Transport: Best Car Shipping Company To Ship Car From East Coast To West Coast
"Family Owned Since 1999"(800) 794-9009

I can honestly say that coast to coast was the best part of my first auto transport experience. I bought an old 77 f-150 through ebay and started getting quotes. Brokers were driving me crazy with phone calls and promises and I was a nervous wreck. So I started looking for actual trucking companies. Called BAT transport and talked to Karen, all her trucks were covered and out of my price range, but she recommended coast to coast, (which she didnt have to do) and put me in touch with Cory, said he had a truck about to head my way and would call me back. After dealing with all the brokers, i was skeptical, but he called me back and set up the pickup from Oregon to Louisiana. Everyone who answered the phone there was very helpful. Guy I bought the truck from always answered his phone or texts, until the truck was picked up by Jason with coast to coast, then i lost all contact with the seller. Seller was supposed to let me know when it was on the truck, never heard from him again. Jason DID call me as soon as it was loaded and gave me an approximate delivery date. I told him my concerns about the seller and he assured me it was the right truck, it ran good and it was turning heads all down the highway. Jason really set my mind at ease and told me I could call him anytime. I was surprised to hear that from a truck driver, I wouldnt want all these people calling me, lol, but he was a very proffesional and friendly guy. I did call him a couple times and he was always able to talk and answer my questions. He called a couple of hours before delivery as we discussed and he was actually about 5 hours earlier than we both figured. Reason seller dropped out of sight was because the truck was nowhere near as described in the ad. Was still a nice truck though. Coast to Coast really impressed me and I will use them next time. Very refreshing to see this kind of customer service. Thanks Jason, Cory, and Ben Deere........Great Company!!

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