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Our Routes are Designed for You

If you have ever traveled the United States, you know that there are many diverse regions of the country that offer the traveler spectacular views. Even the great plains of the Midwest can be appealing to a traveler that is only used to mountainous terrain. Our drivers have the ability to see the scenery as they drive across country every time they’re hauling a shipment. Although they see the scenery all the time, one can’t help but notice the beauty in the terrain every time you drive across it.

Helpful Moving Tips

If you are in need of a vehicle shipper or any other sort of transportation need, then the chances are that you’re moving somewhere. Most people hate having to move. There’s always the stress involved with deadlines and needing to be somewhere at the exact time. Then there are the kids and the dog to deal with on top of all of the other things you need check off your list. Throwing all these factors together leaves you with a sometimes tough situation.

Luckily, we have provided you with some tips that you can follow to help your move go more smoothly.

The Lingo of the Business

Breaker break, one niner. You’ve heard it all before in the movies. The trucker lingo is definitely something that gets a lot of attention and people seem to be generally interested in it. Everything is more exciting when transmitted through a CB radio and that crackling noise made by the radio once a transmission ends sounds great.

But really, this could be another language to someone that isn’t well versed in Trucker lingo. Some of the words and phrases used have no meaning whatsoever to some people, but for truckers, these words are part of the business.

Avoid Untrustworthy Auto Shippers

When shipping your vehicle across the country, you will want to a make sure that you’re relying in a trustworthy company that can get the job done for you. Not only do you want to see your car at the other end of the journey, you’ll want to see your car undamaged and ready to go after a long trip. That’s why it’s imperative that you find a reputable company such as ours for your auto transport needs.

A Life on the Road

If you have ever been, thought about, or aspire to be a truck driver, then a life on the road is definitely something you will need to get used to. The road is where truckers work. Their office consists of miles and miles of asphalt and cushy truck benches. Their objectives include getting their shipment, including themselves, at their destination safely. The life on the road isn’t for everyone and those who call it home wouldn’t change it for the world.

What to Know About Coast to Coast

Many people sometimes feel that it’s hard to put a face to a corporation or company. At Coat to Coast Auto, this is something that we try to make easy for you every time you interact with us. We feel that it is important that you are aware of the service you are receiving as well as giving you the best service available. You would be surprised to learn how much a smile with the service we offer can do for you!


Interested in How it All Works?

Not many people have had to utilize the services of an auto shipper or vehicle transporter. That is why it’s a perfectly normal question to ask exactly how this process works. We at Coast to Coast Auto Transport really take pride in explaining the basics to newcomers and don’t mind giving you the run down if you’re curious.


We Play it by the Book


When shipping a vehicle you may have some very basic questions about what we can’t and can’t do for you. You will be happy and relieved to know that Coast to Coast Auto Transport, aside from being your number one choice for auto and vehicle shipping, also plays by the book to ensure that you as a consumer, and we as the provider of service, are covered.


Vehicle Shipping that you Can Depend On

There have been too many stories about vehicle shippers that have caused grief and provided the customer with stress and anguish. Apparently, this industry can sometimes be referred to as an untrustworthy industry. Unfortunately, with as good a reputation that Coast to Coast Auto Transport has, we are still negatively affected by the image that many unethical vehicle shippers have portrayed.


Choose the Experts, Every Time

Have you ever been at the receiving end of an auto shipping horror story? Have you known someone who has had a bad experience with a vehicle shipper claiming to be professional? Well, at Coast to Coast Auto Transport we take these kinds of stories very seriously because they reflect poorly on the entire industry.