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Auto Transport Brokers and Your Car Shipment

So you've been doing some research on vehicle shippers and keep finding auto transport carriers and brokers, but what's the difference between the two? Which should you use and what can you do from here? Well let us help you out, here are the main differences between Oregon auto transport services and brokers.

An auto transport broker is a company that gives you a quote on your auto shipment, and then finds an auto transport carrier to carry out the transport service. This can be through a network of carriers that they already have relationships with or through a job posting style. So in short, the broker is a middleman. There are some perks to brokers, firstly you will generally have more selection of services because they can find a carrier to perform your specific shipment.

There are also some downsides to brokers. Some brokers will quote you at the lowest price they can, and then try to arrange a carrier to perform the Oregon auto transport. This can backfire and turn into poor, low quality service since the Oregon auto shippers have to undercut their rates to meet the quote.

All in all, it makes sense to check out brokers, but be knowledgeable in that the cheapest price you find may turn out costing you more down the road in hassles, fees an low quality service. To skip all the runaround and get a high quality service the first time, give us a call!

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