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Advantages of Auto Shipping

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People use auto transport services for many reasons including:

  • Business relocation
  • Military assignment
  • Student attending college across the country
  • Online vehicle purchasing
  • “Snowbirds” who maintain seasonal residences in the Southeast & Northwest
  • Attempt to keep low mileage on a classic or antique car

No matter what reason you have for the need of transporting your car using auto shipping offers many advantages.

Among these advantages are:

  1. Protection of your car: Vehicles are an expensive investment and traveling cross-country puts miles on them and puts you at greater risk of a wreck. Using an auto shipping service will protect your car from the things it might face being driven cross-country.
  2. Makes things easier on you: If you are faced with a move you already have a long enough list of things to do and stress over. Driving your car only adds more for you to do and takes much longer than flying and meeting your car at your destination.
  3. It can actually cost less to ship your car: It can take several days to drive cross-country. Unless you are a vampire and don’t require food or sleep then you are going to have numerous pit stops on the way for food and rest. After you add up food costs, hotel costs, and entertainment stops it can add up. This doesn’t even include the costs of gas and also the need to have your oil changed, breaks checked and other maintenance requirements to get your car from point A to point B.  Driving can also put you at risk for costs of a car accident, speeding tickets and tolls on certain highways. After you budget out this trip you might find that it is less expensive or a similar price to use an auto transport service and auto transport is far less hassle.

After taking all of these things into consideration I’m sure you’ve decided to ship your car instead of drive it.

So contact us today for a quote. 

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